re-introducing Jewdyssee

We spent the weekend with Jewdyssee in Cali at both the 40 Tour USC show as well as the 40 Stop at Jewlicious and we are officially head over heals! Picture M.I.A. in Hebrew School and you get Maya Saban‘s Jewdyssee project. We tour the world filming Shemspeed artists so that we could give you a sneak peek of their live show. This time they met us halfway, well more than halfway, Berlin to L.A. Well, the video is up top, or to the side, depending on your browser and it is Jewdyssee performing the funkiest Jewish morning prayer ever, “Adon Olam”! kiddies!

p.s. you could hear Jewdyssee on Diwon‘s “Beat Guide to Yiddish” and check for more songs and news.
p.p.s. Jewdyssee will be performing live on Sunday eve at the Maidelle Girl Purim Party, check for more info.


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