Seth Kushner’s CulturePOP

Some of you all may know Seth Kushner as the photographer that took the famous Y-Love “This is Babylon” photo, or the one from the Brooklynites book. Other might know him from his photos of Rosario Dawson, The Roots and Jeremy Piven. Well, our good friend Seth just just created his new webcomic, CulturePOP: “Photocomix Profiles of Real-Life Characters” and it launched this week. Now for some info on what the heck this all means: “What Seth achieved with that Pekar interview-cum-comic was a triumph,” said Jeff Newelt, Harvey’s editor on The Pekar Project. “He took key moments of an interview, matched the words with photos he took, and sequentially arranged the results so as to read as smoothly as an American Splendor comic. I work with four artists who masterfully illustrate Pekar’s words, and I was dumfounded by how much Seth’s experiment succeeded.”

“Seth Kushner’s omniscient lens distills NYC’s brave and bold into graphic time capsules,” says Dean Haspiel, creator of Billy Dogma, & The Alcoholic.
With Culture POP, Seth’s shines his flash on the lives of subjects including poet Caits Meissner, sousaphonist/producer Clark Gayton, singer/songwriter Elyssa Loveless, designer John D’Aponte, graffiti artist/sculptor Carlos “Mare 139” Rodriguez, yoga instructor Melisa Winitzsky, former US champion rhythmic gymnast Olga Karmansky, toy designer Super Sucklord, author Douglass Rushkoff, VJ Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method, artist Jen Ferguson and more TBA.

* New profiles every Monday, starting 4/12 on / CulturePOP: “Photocomix Profiles of Real-Life Characters.”


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