Shake Off the Dust… Arise; A Return To Matisyahu’s Roots

Back when Matisyahu was opening for my old punk-klezmer-jazz band, Juez, he was gearing up to release his debut record, ” target=”new”>”Shake off the Dust… Arise”. The album was only sold for a year or so, after Matis was signed to a major label, they re-recorded a couple of the singles and put down a budget to record a major record. He then released “Live at Stubbs” and “Youth”, both records featured the hit single “King without a Crown” from the “Shake” album. The records put Matisyahu on Billboard and went on to sell millions of copies. Now, six years later Matisyahu is self-re-releasing the first record he ever made. It documents his beginnings, his search for his own voice and sound. It bridges Chabad niggunim, roots reggae and dub, the production is very indie, but his heart and soul is is in full force. I remember talking to Matis about Yosef Karduner’s records and how his first record captured a special moment in time, something really beautiful and pure. He told me that Yosef’s first album was recorded at the time that he was becoming religious, so he was very inspired and everything was fresh. There are moments on “Shake off the Dust” that capture that same feeling. It’s a historic album, an album that let’s listeners peak into the growth of an artist. Since the time Matisyahu has toured the globe many times over with visits to late night television. He has also not only found, but perfected his own voice and sound which has elements of that first record, but mixes it with pop, prog-rock and a bit of the searching that spiritual musicians such as Coltrane were known for. Matis is an artist that will never be happy with where he is at musically, he knows there is more and he is on a mission to dig deep into himself to bring out the music that’s become his mission. Pick up your copy of Matisyahu’s re-mastered debut, here.



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