Shemspeed & Y-Love Euro Tour!!!

We are in Paris now and its amazing! If not for all the photos below. Well, actually I came with Nina and am waiting to meet up with Y-Love and Jake Break, but yea. we just been touring around. We found the famous Las Du Falafel that the celebs eat at. It’s in the Jewish Quarter where I found tons of rare Jewish records. As I was spending every Euro I had Nina asked them how often they seellll theesse records and where they got them from. They said they are left over from 30 years ago when they bought them! They said I am their first sale this year of the records. This year ends in 2 weeks!!!

Love this guy. I think his name is Olivier Lile

na nach nachma nachman meuman

This is the best club ever. just check it “VIP CLUB, MOST FAMOUS CLUB”

they got red and BLACK toilet paper so you could color your *#%%

cars passin by eifel tower in the background


click below to see the rest of The EURO TOUR Photos!


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