Shir Ha Shirim

PhotobucketI have spent my whole life looking for an album that could do, for the soul, what just one night in Jerusalem could. You know those experiences that happen when you are in the old city of Jerusalem friday night and the hand of God becomes apparent in all things? (no?) Well, the feeling leaves you with a high and all the sudden you want to run out and do good and learn more and be more spiritual. For me these moments are inspirational, but at the same time, ephemeral. After one or two days, I’m back to that same frame of mind and vibe, that same ‘struggling to get higher’ place. But music speaks to me on so many deep levels and I remember hearing that “Tikkun Klali” record, that we have written about so many times on shemspeed, and having been left with that high feeling for more than those normal two days. Enter, the “Shir Ha Shirim” album, on the myspace they (Benyamin Brody, Diwon & Dugans) only have the first song (the first chapter), but it’s enough to keep me on that high for weeks. The main difference between these two albums, is that while the “Tikkun Klali” music and vocals are all from the arabic style, the “Shir Ha Shirim” music comes from more of a rock and hip hop background, so the music works more as a familiar and deep layered background for the emotive moroccan singing of the “Shir Ha Shirim” poem. Figured today (hours before Shabbat) would be the best time for me to post this and for you to check the music out.

check it out on their myspace, which says that a Free download of the 1st track will be coming out next week followed by the album, which comes out worldwide on iTunes, Amazon etc, in March.

– Guy Emanuel


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