Shtar Follow Up

The latest addition to the Shemspeed band section is Jerusalem’s Shtar. Here is a short interview which is a follow up to the feature from last week.
are you two religious? we are slightly religious you may call us charedi.
do you want to make people religious through your music? We want to brainwash the world, but, it’d be fine if we just made solid jewish music that anyone, non-jewish or jewish, black hat religous or not at all can bob their heads to, while keeping a positive and real message.
how would you describe your music? I would describe our music as the fresh hotness. But if you want element wise, its a hip-hop/rock/techno/yid.
were you doing this sort of music before it had a jewish focus?
I was involved in the drum n bass and hip hop scene in seattle and brad was involved in the indie/trip hop scene in london.
where do you all play in Israel? Haven’t yet we just finished these 3 tracks, and decided to send them out and see what people think. We wanna to play out ASAP…. hook a brotha up.
have you toured outside Israel? ibid.
where you guys from? In truth we are a portion from the origonal composition of dirt and breath, that G-d blew in to Adam. But thats not what your asking is it? I’m from Seattle, and my fellow caped crusader is From London.
Also we are looking to get picked up by a label…. I just want to put that out there for all record labels who are into fresh hotness. I know if I was a record label I would be into fresh hotness… but that’ s me.
Thanx Ori.


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