As I run into the Knitting Factory for the US debut of Pshutei Ha’am! I see a slew of Israeli fans mobbing the merch table asking if everything is free and screaming when they hear that the guys from Shotei Hanevua are in the house! Eyal Maoz of Edom and Juez is opening the show with Adam Matta, a beat boxer who sits in as a drummer throughout the entire set. This has to be the first time I am seeing an entire crowd dancing to Eyal Maoz, who is normally a fairly expiremental instrumentalist. The crowd was very enthusiastic. As Eyal finished up his set and came off the stage, the hosts, Y-Love and dj handler tookthe stage to a screaming crowd. They dropped a few songs on them and the crowd had their hands in the air, in true hip hop style. Next up was Heedoosh, who sounded lots better than I had last recalled. The guitarist was backstage with his wife and 7 month old kid, which I thought was really cool. They played a mix of songs for about 45 minutyes then Y-Love took the stage and played a brand new song with a kabbala theme and everyone danced as he rhymed and got them ready for the headliners, Pshutei Ha’am. Before Pshutei started their songs, the crowd was already yelling for them. The highlights were most definitely the SHotei Hanevua songs that they played, but the funk inspired originals of their new manifestation were also some nice crowd pleasers!

– Eyal Maoz and Adam Matta

– line of girls dancing!!!

– Y-Love and dj handler

– Heedoosh

– Pshutei Ha’am backstage!

– Pshutei Ha’am!

– The Levits!

– end of the night pass out

click below to see the rest of dem photos!


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