Son of Israel

Check out another hot track by Behn-Shakhar Ben-Israel (20), aka “Ben Blackwell”. Behn has always been unique. Growing up in Arad and living in Tiberias, one would assume he is just like many other ordinary Israelis. He observes the Sabbath and holidays, speaks Hebrew, and observes a Kosher vegan diet. He also plans to serve in the IDF. However, Behn comes from a very unique world adding to the increasingly diverse fabric that makes up Israeli society.

Behn is a part of the “African Hebrew Israelites,” a community of African-Americans based in Chicago who believe they are descended from ancient Israelites who fled to Africa and later were taken to America as slaves. In 1969 they came to southern Israel on the heels of a prophecy to establish the Kingdom of God in what they believe is “the land of their origin.” There are now roughly 2,000 of them living communal, vegan lifestyles in what Blackwell repeatedly describes as “the land of milk and honey.”

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