Susie Essman on not Loving Leah

I see some of you all posted on the original post, well to further anger you , check the video to the left. Also, read what Debbie Schlussel wrote on her blog, “On today’s edition of the anti-male hag-fest, “The View,” Barbara Walters and her fellow co-hostesses engaged in a vile, anti-Semitic discussion with actress/comedienne Susie Essman. The stuff they said about Chassidic Jews–calling the women ugly, saying they have bad taste in clothing, have “weird,” “bizarre” customs–would never be tolerated if they substituted the word “Muslim” or “Black” for “Chassidic Jew.” I am not a Chassidic Jew–but since most Chassidic Jews do not own TVs and don’t waste their time watching this mindless garbage, I am the only one who noticed apparently.”

more here –

p.s. Shemspeed wants to add that Sussie mentions that they are portraying Chabad, but those women looked Satmir and it tooks placce in Williamsburg where Satmirs live not Chabad. plus Chabad girls are hot.


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