The Harmony Press Conference (behind the scenes)

DeScribe’s ‘Harmony’ music video celebrates understanding between the Black and Jewish communities of Crown Heights; it is a positive and useful instrument for promoting unity and harmony in our diverse Brooklyn neighborhood.” – NYS Senator Eric Adams

For those that couldn’t attend, click play on the video to see some behind the scenes footage with DeScribe, Rohan Marley & Lenny Bass. Click here to view photos. Also check Channel 12 tonight at 5 & 8pm for their airing of the conference! In the meantime we are posting some words from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and DeScribe, himself! more info at

“I have always believed that music, like sports and food, brings communities together,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. “I applaud DeScribe for creating the ‘Harmony’ song and music video, for celebrating Brooklyn’s diversity and for reminding us all that, overwhelmingly, Brooklynites live side by side in peace. Mazel tov!”

words from DeScribe:

Hashem sefasai tiftach ufi yagid tehilasecha-G-d open my lips so that my mouth shall speak your praise, Everything a man thinks, says or does, should be in gratitude and service of his or her creator.

It is in this light that I open up by saying, that this event is an opportunity to take upon ourselves to increase in acts of goodness and kindness to one another and to all of mankind globally.

I am not a political leader, I am not a public speaker, I am an artist and my canvas is emotion, so with your permission i will speak from my heart.

I stand before you humbled, Men and women of great conviction, leaders who have positively affected the very essence and fabric of this great city, New York.

It is evident to me, due to the magnitude of affect and power that i have witnessed from this simple music video, that it wields a message far greater than myself or any one person for that matter.

I have come to realize that i have received the honor of being a conduit and participant in something with a divine strength that binds and bridges the divides that exist in our great society.

This musical collaboration is a testimony of the willingness to reach out to a higher calling of 1 world 1 family under the sovereignty of our creator who provides for all his children as they are, equally.
In G-d we trust and thus recognize and respect with love, all of the multitude of cultures in his world.

A union that allows us to rise above our cultural boundaries and unite wether Jew, Christian, or muslim, no matter what color our skin may be, with complete respect of the necessity to maintain our individualism without losing our respective identities.

The quality displayed in this video is 100% genuine love and respect for one another, something which affected me deeply on a personal level.

In the Bible we see that Jacob one of the Jewish forefathers had 12 sons better known as the 12 tribes. Each excelling in a different area, with different customs, living in different lands represented by different flags. The high priest had a breast plate made up of 12 different stones representing the different qualities of the different tribes but together making 1 unified breastplate which would be incomplete if one stone where to be missing.

The Jewish nation followed G-d’s commandment to maintain tribal distinctions, to maintain individual identities which we adhere to till this day.

During the communist era, whole countries and cultures were swallowed and destroyed.
This great country, the united states of America, dedicated itself to accommodating the re-growth of the individual nations independence and sovereignty, rehabilitating, supporting and mending the damaged identities.

The establishment of the United States is an acknowledgment of each state, its differences in laws customs, needs and individualism.

We here today, have the opportunity to set an example of Love, Respect and Unity for all people of the world, while embracing the beauty and uniqueness of our own respective cultures.
To stand as one and proclaim. “We are 1 world, 1 family, under 1 G-d.”

Thank you very much for joining us in this momentous occasion.
much respect and 1 Love to you all!


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