The Jewish Channel on Xmas

They really need to take out that initial PBS sounding intro, but I like that MPC drum hit music (and not only cuz its Diwon playing that live for them). Anyway, check this out Richard Kind and Y-Love are amongst the celebs that chime in on the Xmas trees. Words from TJC, “We interviewed Jewish celebrities ranging from actor Richard Kind to comedian Judy Gold to R&B singer Ari Gold to the editor of New York Magazine, — in addition to up-and-coming comedians, stars, and more!

Laugh out loud at the funny things they have to share about Chanukah, from the holiday’s many spellings to how it competes with Christmas.

Two half-hour episodes are airing on TJC. Above is a clip from episode 02, Christmas v. Chanukah, in which Richard Kind tells one of his funniest George Clooney stories. The moral of the story is, George Clooney really likes Christmas trees:


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