The Mouse from last night’s MTV VMA’s

In case you missed it, Deadmau5 born Joel Zimmerman, a Jewish DJ/Producer from Canada was MTV’s house DJ at the VMA’s. Deadmau5 recently headlined a string of festivals from Coachella to Ultra Music and the Electric Daisy Carnival. He is one of the most in-demand producers on the house music scene. “Dance wasn’t always considered pop, and people like Lady Gaga and [David] Guetta and those guys really brought it out to the commercial market,” he said about bringing his sound to the masses. “I’m just getting a lot more fans and God bless it, and that’s the goal of being an artist is to get yourself heard by any means possible.”

If you missed Deadmau5’s performance last night….check out this clip on him at the VMA’s, here.


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