Thou Shall Laugh at “The Ten”

So I was talking to my friend the other day, and she mentioned to me that David Wain’s newest masterpiece, “The Ten,” came out on DVD on Jan. 15. After a brief stint of shame and self-disappointment for not even realizing Wain made a movie last year, I quickly went about procuring a copy to remedy this horrible travesty.

But oh, it was worth the wait.

Paul Rudd hosts a series of stories that focus on the topics of the Ten Commandments, with supporting characters that include Jessica Alba, Adam Brody and Winona Ryder. Wain seamlessly weaves in his outrageous comedic style with stories that include a prude thirty-something year old doing the horizontal tango with a Mexican Jesus Christ, a newly wed falling in love with a marionette and of course, a large group of young people who are exposed to nuclear radiation. I’m sure the Catholic Church ate this one up.

I can’t say it was as good as “Wet Hot American Summer,” but then again, not much is. “The Ten” is still worthy of two big thumbs up. Here, check out the preview:

Wain has also been working on his new Internet-based show, “Wainy Days.” The show is shown in under-five-minute segments that basically follow Wain on his daily adventures. Be careful though, they are addicting to say the least. Here are the first couple webisodes:


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