Tin Pan Blues Band

The slick a$$ Shemspeed website was programmed by Jesse “the brilliant” Selengut, he does web on the side, what he is best at is resurrecting the mix of wholesome tin pans and roots jazz music. For a long time we have been fans of Man Man from philly. We never reviewed their record, but if we had it would have been a one line review that would read as such, “Man Man are awesome and their music is what I would imagine would be the product of throwing the Muppets and Tom Waits into an old school juke box”. Well, Jesse’s group Tin Pan Blues Band is along those lines, ecept Ray Charles would be in their throwing vocal punches as well. Jesse gave me his CD when he was working on getting Shemspeed back online after the big crash. I was listening in my car on the way home and called him to say I loved it. He was like, “Dude, guess what? I’m Jewish, you could Shemspeed me”. So I thought, I’m loving that you could now use the Shemspeed name in much the same way as google or youtube. As I was listening and heard his really great rendition of “Bie Mir Bist Du Shoen” the CD moved onto a song where I heard some chanting about the brothers and sisters of J and was thinking, “JIGGA WHAT!?!?!?!?”, so hit him up about what that was all about. This is what he had to say. “Good question! I had a stage rant I use for that section every day in the park for that section of the tune. When we got into the studio it just didn’t work. It felt flat. Clifton who is far from Jewish (he’s from deep deep down in Mississippi – where they still fully believe that Jews have horns (!!) ) has an evangelical character country-preacher guy and we dialed him in for that section instead!”. It will be a long time before they sell Tin Pan in Boro Park, well actually, maybe just until they do their next record. ;).

– Erez Safar

p.s. grab the cd HERE.


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