Trevor Hall, Matisyahu & Kosha Dillz reviewed

Ben Webster of the Chicago Examiner caught the Matisyahu show with Trevor Hall and Kosha Dillz on the bill. Here is what he thought: “Nov. 3rd Trevor Hall opened up for Matisyahu at the House of Blues. The guy has a lot of soul and he played the guitar and sang some peaceful melodies and poems. Matis and him are good friends; Trevor was brought out at the end to recite a poem that he wrote after a trip to India. you can hear his music at

There were a lot of skull caps and ball caps there to hear Matisyahu. Matis switched from a yankee cap to a skull cap midway through his performance. He sang some favorite melodies from Stubbs like “King Without a Crown” and “Lord Rise Me Up” and “Time of Your Song.” The crowd erupted when he chanted “Jerusalem,” and he did some songs from his new album “Light.” The song “One Day” won’t leave my head Check it here.

Matis brought up Mc Kosha Dillz, rockin a fur hat, to perform a song and a freestyle. Kosha’s boisterous style complimented Matis’s rythmic reggaetone, the two are a nice double act. Kosha is on tour with Matis and has a new cd out as well, “Freestyle vs Written,” with C-Rayz Walz. He freestyled for the crowd throwing in Chicago sport team lyrics to boost the energy and brought a kid on stage to rap about him. He’s a hungry and eager mc who gets around with Kosha skillz. Check his stuff out, and you can read his blog here

Trevor Hall, Matisyahu and his band, and Kosha Dillz was a fire show. They are on tour now, get tickets while you still can!”

– check the original article, here.

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