Unmasked: The Ariella Dadon Story

We met Inbal Freund-Novick, the director of Mavoi Satum, on ROI120 two years ago and have been talking about writing a song and shooting a video for her organization. Mavoi Satum does very important work for women being denied divorce. It is a complicated issue in Israel and the the relig world, read about it, here or check out this comic! Which comic, you ask? The one she and the Jewess cartoonist, Chari Pere put together.

“Unmasked: The Ariella Dadon Story”

This past June, following a struggle spanning several years, 28 year old Ariella Dadon managed to receive a get (a Jewish divorce) from her violent, abusive husband.

“Unmasked: The Ariella Dadon Story” is her poignant story.

read the comic

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