Watch CBS This Sunday!

After a million New Yorkers keep asking us when is the Y-Love, DeScribe, Diwon CBS doc airing. In NY it is airing tis Sunday at 1pm.

for everyone else check our old post for days & times here.

A bit of info: Internationally-acclaimed hip-hop activist Y-Love stars in an upcoming CBS documentary on interfaith music and culture. “Music is often a vehicle for expressing religious faith and belief,” the network said in a news release. “This broadcast looks at some modern music inspired within the varied cultures of four religions.” Y-Love, the monniker of Yitz Jordan, will be featured with Shemspeed brethren DeScribe (Schneur Hasofer) and Diwon (Erez Safar). The trio of observant or frum Jews from Brooklyn speak about their experiences and perform during the special.


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