WEDS! Emerging Jewish Artists Take The Stage

Remember when the crazy yiddishe and yemenite team of beatster (Diwon)and clothing designer (Levi Okunov)took the Jewish Museum on the Upper West side by storm? (check the past post). Well, they among other incredible artists are going to be doing some of the same, except this time…downtown…very downtown….and we just saw this in The Jewish Week and written by our good friend George Robinson!

The members of Luminescent Orchestrii have no illusions about the future. Band member Sarah Alden is blunt, “We’re never going to become major-label big-hit wonders. But that’s fine; I don’t think we’d be happy that way.” Alden, one of the band’s two violinists, is just grateful to have one of the group’s rare New York gigs July 9 when they will perform at the Museum of Jewish Heritage as part of the organization’s third annual showcase of “New York’s Best Emerging Jewish Artists.” “We used to play a lot more in New York but we don’t make any money here,” Alden says. “We were hardly home this summer. We just want to be able to continue to create music and to do that we have to travel out of the city. I find it heartbreaking. I want to play for the people I live with in the city.”

The band plays a vibrant fusion of Balkan, klezmer and bluegrass, drawing on the wildly varied backgrounds of its members, whose training ranges from the classical conservatory to the folk festival circuit.

to read the full article go to – The Jewish Week

The Museum of Jewish Heritage (36 Battery Place) will host its third annual edition of “New York’s Best Emerging Jewish Artists” on Wednesday, July 9 at 7 p.m. Other acts include Diwon, Israeli pianist Or Matias, clothes designer Levi Okonuv and comic Catie Lazarus.

For information, call (646) 437-4200 or go to


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