Woody Allen & Larry David

“Annie Hall” is the best movie ever created. It was way ahead of its time and mixed comedy and drama more seamlessly than any movie before. The speaking to the camera, the subtitle inner thought during dialogue trick. It all began in popular film with this movie. In his later movies, as he takes less and less of a role himself, the characters take more and more of his role at least in the dialogue and sometimes the more animated actors do it even in their expression. The funniest to see was Will Ferrel in “Melinda and Melinda”. Well, It’s just been announced that Woody Allen’s new film, “Whatever Works” will be opening the Tribea Film Festival on April 22nd. Allen used to shoot all his films in Manhattan up until 2004. The last film he directed with his obsession and fellow Jew, Scarlett Johansen was set in Barcelona, “Whatever Works” brings him back to his hometown NY and stars Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Begley Jr. and Patricia Clarkson. Larry David is a personal fav, so I am really excited to see how this plays out. Allen had this to say about his choice of Larry David as the leading role, ”He’s got a great thing of his own. He’s got a great, what would you call it, sarcastic, sour or vitriolic, wonderful, wonderful, no nonsense sense of humor.”

– Guy Emanuel


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