Yiddish & Aramiac Hip Hop (Free MP3 Downloads)

Not too many MC’s rhyme in the ancient language of Aramaic — in fact I think Y-Love is the only one — but we do recall Darshan dropping a song that samples the old Passover song, “Chad Gadya” in the chorus, so that makes two. Last night, our boy Sagol 59, sent us an email with a track that he flipped with two other Israeli MCs which playfully mixes hip hop with the other Jewish language of exile, Yiddish. Israeli MCs Sagol 59, Lukach and Blastik Ice chronicle the wild antics of two Jerusalem Yeshiva scholars and their overly excited Rabbi with a Yiddish chorus sung by Paulina Belilowski. Y-Love’s Aramaic track, Bar Yochai, combines ancient teachings from the Talmudic Sage R’ Shimon bar Yochai with his signature lyrical talents in hiphop and is available on his all Rap & Beat Box album, “Count It”. And finally, Darshan have dug up some traditional sources and remixed them in a modern retelling of the story found at the end of the Passover Haggadah, in a song called “Chad Gadya”. Each song is available as a Free Download below.

Free Downloads of;
<> Darshan – “Chad Gadya”
<> Sagol 59, Lukach and Blastik Ice – “Rabbi’s get lonely, too”
<> Y-Love & Yuri Lane – “Bar Yochai”


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