Blakroc is here!

Dan Auerbach, the American-Jewish guitarist and vocalist of the The Black Keys and his own successful solo records, is about to release, Blakroc, one of the most ambitious rock-hip-hop projects in history. Dan along with Damon Dash and the other half of the Black Keys, have brought in Mos Def, Raekwon, Q-Tip and a slew of other famous singer/rappers into the studio to produce original vintage garage rock tracks that most MCs and DJs spend years crate digging for. One of Damon’s other group is VoodooFarm a sort of rock electronic singing sometimes rapping group that puts McKenzie Eddy (pictured above along with Mos and Dan) at center stage in front of a guitarist and DJ who we just saw play at Brooklyn Bowl as Mos Def and Damon bowled in the lanes adjacent. The more VoodooFarm and Blackroc type shows you go to, the more of hip hop elite, you meet and you are also likely to spot Y-Love on stage collabing with them. Everyone from Mos Def to Q-Tip are on the record and you could check out videos of the who is who in Blakroc and Damon Dash’s world at the video section on

Check out “Attack & Release”, by The Black Keys, an album produced by, Shemspeed Fav, Danger Mouse. According to an interview in Pitchfork Media, “Attack & Release” was the product of what was originally going to be a record with Ike Turner, but the idea was rendered impossible with Turner’s death in December 2007.

To pre-order the Blakroc CD which drops at the end of the month, click here.


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