Sefira album; Beat Box & Raps 4 Passover

During a time when some Jews refrain from listening to live music – famous Orthodox rapper Y-Love and beatbox superstarYuri Lane (who has over 6 millions hits on youtube) create all their music non-instrumentally. The album is an all vocal hip-hop record with over seven tracks to correspond to the seven weeks of the Sefira (Passover-Shavuot). The album is amazingly musical and innovative, with a bangin intro and an outro that will make it hard to believe that Yuri Lane’s mouth wasn’t being produced by Timbaland.

The first single, “Watch” is about keeping the history of the Passover alive. Every year the Jewish Nation leaves Egypt; from exile to one step closer to redemption. G-dly things happening – Watch!

listen to some of the songs @

Buy the CD from Shemspeed, here or on iTunes, here.

Download the Passover song by clicking these words


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