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In 2005, distraught and exhausted from a Division I athletic wrestling career gone sour from jails, institutions, and battles with addiction, Rami Even-Esh, aka Kosha Dillz, saved up spare change and worked pizza delivery jobs to self release his first 12" vinyl, that would shape up to be a independent college radio hit. Three years later, after two full USA tours, a nationwide clothing drive through 45 cities, and a whole lot of therapy, Kosha Dillz created Freestyle Vs Written, a 24 hour collaboration album with indie veteran C-Rayz Walz that earned him accolades across the globe from URB and Israel National News to SPIN Magazine. In 2009, there is a new direction; Beverly Dillz.

Produced entirely by Belief, who is known for his range of work with artists from Murs and Beanie Man to El-P, Beverly Dillz translates as an uptempo, synthesized introduction to a spiritual fast life of the Hollywood underground via Garden State perspective, sprinkled with a touch of unorthodox "kosher" heritage and culture. With that not being the smallest of tasks, Kosha Dillz brings along guest vocalists Sum Kid and Def Jux collaborator Yak Ballz, as the only additions on his musically empowered vacation West.

Beverly Dillz, his solo red carpet debut LP, which is scheduled for a November 10th release, was recorded entirely in the Beverly Hillz section of Los Angeles, while the lyrics were composed at various overpriced coffee houses and internet cafes through out the city. A frequent maker of history, Kosha Dillz will attest to rhyme the first song in Hebrew on an American indie album, "Kol Ha Kavod Lirkod (its all good to dance)". And for those who don’t speak Hebrew, songs like "Dilly Wonka"and "LA Ish" will keep you dancing from the happy go -rich lounges of any US city to the pretty sides of your local dive bar, any day of the week.


Kosha Dillz story of institution, incarceration and israel
• the rapper includes tales of lyrics in music and film, speaks on touring with Snoop, being a video game character next to Drake Snoop and Chris Brown, and what it means to be Pro- Israel in Hip hop and how hesitation fuels determination

Spirituality for those who don't look like they have it (how to get the message out MY WAY)
• its a little bit different than Matisyahu. We rap have gold stars, and utilize black

Bible Text and Stories of Torah in Improv Freestyle
•  This guy can rap about Pesach food, clothes, TV and alarm clocks. What about Tanya, Davening and Rosh Hashanah?

Film Screening, q n a, discussion
• a personal look at the hustle of one Jewish Man in a society and industry of let downs

Torah & Freestyle
•  How Dvar Torah is sort of like an acapella poem/freestyle and how we can utilize improv, public speaking with Torah

Judaism and Identifying as  a ?Jew on the job saved my career
•  how rapping as a Jew served much better purpose to build Pride and identity , saved my life and is the same as wearing a kippah in the office

Selected Press from previous record:

CMJ - (read)
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The Forward - (read)
URB Magazine - (read)


"...creates fresh narratives that aim to critique national celebrations (“Holiday”), provide an observation of a trend (“The Evolution of Fan”), and detail the complications of dating while experiencing cultural pressures..."- URB MAGAZINE

" The unlikely combo of African American Indie Vet [C-Rayz Walz] and Israeli American Newbie [Kosha Dillz] results in a hilarious kosher wig flip of Biz Markie's just a friend. Challah!" - SPIN Magazine

"...witty, irreverent lyrics and candor. {Kosha Dillz's} Freestyle vs. Written scores points for trying something different" - Okayplayer

"With his new CD - ... he hopes to teach the rap community that hip-hop transcends racial and religious boundaries." The Boston Herald

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