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Jewish Israeli recording artist and producer, SHI 360 relentlessly continues to create timeless, genre- defining music shedding light on relevant social and political topics. Setting the stage early-on in North America before his return back to Israel, SHI 360 became one of Israel’s first Israeli emcee’s.

After overcoming four intense heart operations and struggling to make a life during his return to his homeland, SHI 360 went on to sell platinum records in his collaboration with rapper Subliminal and TACT, and his music has gone international- significantly influencing the modern Israeli hip hop scene.

SHI 360 hit singles include “Home” “Kabel,” “Break the Silence,” “United” and “Tribal Dance.” His collaboration with the TACT All-Stars album was a ground-breaking, commercial triumph that captivated Israel’s music world, selling gold in its first day of release something unheard of in Israel history. Hit singles featured on this album include “Peace in the Middle East” and “Rak Benadan.”

SHI 360’s passion for the Middle East and world Jewry is resolute in his lyrics that project his multi-lingual culture of English, French and Hebrew.

While the worldwide ignorance of ongoing conflicts in the Middle Eastern grows, SHI 360 confronts these topics and cultivates a positive message- drawing appeal and global respect from diverse hip hop fans. His message is one of “unity” and conscious global hip hop.

Along with his music, SHI 360 advocates giving back to the community and is a mentor for children who come from disadvantaged and broken homes. He also prides himself on his culinary skills, enjoys reading and playing street ball.


"You don't look Jewish"
• The journey of a Sephardi boy through Hip Hop * SHI 360 takes you into his eclectic childhood in Israel, Canada, and The outskirts of the Jewish community

"I dont do Gefilte"
• H ow does an Israeli kid of north african decent fit in the North American Jewish landscape * SHI 360 takes you into his Sephardi/Mizrahi upbringing in Israel, Canada, and what it meant to grow up as an outcast to the Jewish community, and how does it all relate to HipHop?

Hip Hop Ambassador
• Music as an influential communication channel * SHI 360 shares his personal story on how a jewish rapper builds a muslim fan base in today's world

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