Bushwick to Lykke Li (Shemspeed’s early days)

Shemspeed popped off in Bushwick with crazy art and culture parties, in fact back back years ago before Shemspeed was a company and name, it was a movement and Diwon shot Crazy Yosef wrapped in teffilin (see photo & write up here) davening mincha and scratching records on his turntables. That flier later came to be one of the first fliers for one of the first collabs of Diwon’s then band, Juez and Matisyahu in his first live band set up. Lot’s of first and this Lykke Li video reminded us of some of the insane and fun art that was coming from our collabs with everyone from DJ Spooky and Saul Williams to Heeb Magazine and Paul Barman.
enjoy –


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