Catching up with Kosha Dillz

Anyone who has twitter or facebook knows that Kosha Dillz is one of the hardest working rappers in the velt. So what’s this semitic linguistic critic been up to? After touring since february 11th…hitting festivals from Jewlicous to SXSW and the Mission Creek Arts Festival in Iowa City, Kosha Dillz finally embarks on his journey home, after completing 43 shows in his 2 month 12,000 mile epic Rapperfriends Tour. The DIY tour further etched his name as one of the hardest working artists in the inependent music scene, along with Yak Ballz (MTVU Freshman 5 winner), who he toured with from March 3rd and on. Summer plans include to release “Beverly Dillz” on a soon to be announced label that will debut him as a solo artist. If you are unfamiliar with his previous work, Shemspeed/Modular Moods collaborated on his album with C-Rayz Walz entitled “Freestyle Vs Written,” that featured in notable publications such as LA Weekly, Boston Herald, and SPIN Magazine.
“Beverly Dillz” was recorded entirely in the Beverly area of Los Angeles, an ode to the Spiritual Lifestyle of cliche Hollywood, transcending the identity crisis established in our social belief system. The Sample free album, produced entirely by Belief, aims to lighten up ears with yoga induced alternative music to club dance off tracks, with a little touch of Israel on the side. Stay tuned!

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