Corner Prophets

It’s been going down in Israel for a while now. It was the inspiration behind the Hip Hop Sulha. Bring all races and religions together on one mic. Let the divisions get washed away by the common man and MCs love for music. Well, Shemspeed teamed up with CP in Israel this Chanukah to throw a big Hip Hop Open Mic, this amongst the 3 Chanuka Shemspeed shows, was an amazing follow up to the Launch in J-Town!

oh yea, it was Featuring: DJ Meth-A-Morph, DJ Caress, DJ Markey Funk
Sagol 59, Rebel Sun, Funati Hassid, Mark The Black Russian, Empress Eyesis, Crazy Dog (Da 12 Year Old M.C), Ori Murray and THE CROWD




click below to see the rest of dem photos!

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