D. Black’s last show + Free MP3

D.Black has emerged as one of the Northwest’s hip-hop elite. Most recently recognized for his appearance on Jake One’s White Van Music with the song “God Like”, D.Black’s sophisticated rhyme flow combined with his natural ability to fuse technically with producers sets him apart from his counterparts. D.Black delivers soul music that provokes feeling, thought and conversation.

Born in Seattle and raised in a hip-hop household, D.Black’s parents were in The Emerald Street Boys and The Emerald Street Girls, known as two of Seattle’s pioneering groups. He began making music at the young age of seven and over the years he gained the experience and tools necessary to maneuver his own career. Growing up with his label mate Fatal Lucciauno, they both used music as a tool to escape the streets. He’s led an active life since high school, going to school, football practice, hitting the studio, performing live, and still having time for his faith and religion (Orthodox Judaism). Black At the age of eighteen he was given part ownership of Sportn’ Life Records from his father as a birthday gift.

Catch D.Black’s last live show on April 28th presented by K Records & Shemspeed as part of Eprhyme’s Album Release Party w/D. Black and Erev Rav @ The Rendezvous’ Jewel Box Theater. (click out our events page for more info).

Look out for D.Black’s feature on “Rock Like Me” one of the lead singles from the forthcoming Y-Love record. He will also be featured on Diwon’s solo record, for now grab a Free Download of one of his latest tracks, “Shabbat Table Cloth” below:


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