Cannabis Chassidis is true to its name. it is kind and gentle and ephemeral. rather than just being a book about something or other, cannabis chassidus actually is what its talking about. while reading it, i had the direct experience of being on the kind of internal roller coaster that you would expect from smoking large amounts of high grade marijuana for the first time in a long time, or from studying the spiritual secrets and subtleties of sweetness while dancing, singing and crying just trying to connect. I was at times and turns ecstatic, nostalgic, paranoid, delirious and deliciously awake. i was turned on, i was high. but, as some of you may know, getting high is also very deep. author joseph leib very delicately develops and deploys a distinct dosage of psychedelic poetics, visionary history and experiential archaelogy. and, i dare say, even if the reader didn’t find it as deep as all that, or just isnt into that kinda stuff anyway, i still reccomend the book be read. even if just for the sake of doing something different, out of character, out of the ordinary. try it. its fun.

written by baal shem b’li mah



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