Diwon’s Pre-Game (Instrumental Album & Trailer)

Diwon-New-Game-PRe-GAMe900Before Diwon’s debut record “New Game,” there were the beats and pieces that brought his singles and full album to life. “Pre-Game” is a collection of never before heard instrumentals with Diwon shining a spotlight where his heart really lies; he is a true-school hip-hop head. DJ Booth called Diwon a “beatmaking buzzsmith,” and with the release of his instrumental album “Pre-Game” he keeps the focus on just that, taking you into his world of instrumental madness.

People talk about hip-hop going “post-regional,” but Diwon’s instrumentals are post-national. New York kicks and snares meet Turkish melisma against funky basslines and live guitars. This is the music you wish you heard on airplanes. It’s the producer as auteur, every track taking you through the emotional space of the artist, like Kanye or Godard.

Check out the all instrumental album at any of the following links:



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