Edan is back in Brooklyn!

We were walking through the streets of Brooklyn and saw a poster for Edan’s show at the Knitting Factory, in Brooklyn, this Tuesday. If you aren’t familiar yet, it is worth checking out the show and reading our post from his last performance at Knitting Factory when they were still located in the city. (side note: if you are in Brooklyn Saturday night Y-Love & Diwon will be performing at Status for the FAME party, RSVP here.)

POST: Edan aka the Humble Magnificent aka the Rap Beautician just performed super human rap tricks displaying his lyrical gymnastic super phat scratch shtick and modulating vocal synth style fabrics. I don’t even know how to go into describing what it was like being in the audience for his show. The opener…..Prince Paul and his son, Prince Paul Jr….together call themselves Niggas on Ice. Considering Prince Paul is one of the legendary hip hop innovators, his set was not so satisfying. I mean if it were a party than it was coo. He basically DJed all classic jams from the 90’s even playing B.I.G. more than 3rice. Anyway, back to Edan!… It was amazing! I’ll let the photos and videos do the talking…

Edan is beat juggling and rapping at the same time. Beat Juggling by itself is a test of ones skill as a DJ, but rapping at the same time is unheard of! Check it out and see if you could catch the intricasy of all this…

Edan warms up the crowd (check out how he modulates his voice)

– Edan on the theramin

– Edan with guitar and djing

– Edan and Y-Love

– Even the crowd got flowers…

As we left, I bid him “shavua tov”. he said, “Toda” and walked off…

click below to see the rest of dem Photos!


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