Exclusives & Upcoming Tracks in the Audio Player

We decided we would give you all a sneak peak into the upcoming Shemspeed tracks and so we packed the player with some exclusives and some tracks that won’t be released for a while. They are blazing hot and we will list them below, but the only plae you could hear them is in our Shemspeed Audio Player!

Look out for:
“Down” by Electro Morocco
“Shma Kolienu” by Brody
“One Day (Electro Morocco Remix)” by Matisyahu
“Bring it on Down (Talib Kwali Remix) by Y-Love & Diwon LIVE
“Raje” by DeScribe & Dennis
“My Keffiyeh” by DeScribe & Remedy
“Modern Day Moses (Electro Morocco Remix)” by DeScribe Feat. Shmoolik
“Boom Selecta” by Electro Morocco & Shemspeed MCs


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