Get your Music to be Kosher Certified

So now it has happened. A “kosher certification” symbol (hechsher) has now appeared for music in Israel and a new committee, the “Va’ad ha’Rabbanim l’neginah Yehudit” (the Rabbinical Committee for Jewish Music), has come to provide kosher supervision, and “affix their seal to music that it deems appropriate Jewish music.”

“The committee, comprised of four individuals, will give its approbation
to those music albums that they feel is appropriate for the every
Jewish home (sic) and will enhance one’s connection to [G-d]….information in the guidelines include that percussion should be used
sparingly, guitar and saxophone should not be used at all, and *all
forms of modern music, including pop, reggae, disco and rap, are

So they really went ahead with this. NO Torah authorities have signed on to this, and I fail to see what positive benefit this could POSSIBLY have. One more thing to be mocked in media, חלילה.

– Y-Love

p.s. Diwon says that if even one of the Shemspeed CDs get’s approved, I know we are doing something wrong!


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