Miami Boys Choir Hip Hop

I could still remember that moment when Pace Won and Mr. Green took the stage opening up for our “Freestyle Vs. Written” album release party at the Knitting Factory. All of the sudden a familiar song comes on, it was Miami Boys Choir singing the classic “Eshet Chayil”, but within 15 seconds it got flipped on some hip hop style and the vocals were cut up and used as keyboard notes. It was sick and with Pace Won rhymin over it the contrast was infectious. I mean, I’m not running to play this for my Rabbi, cuz it;s a bit dirty, but infectious none the less. Anyway, check out Mr. Green and Pace on their album “The Only Color That Matters is Green”. For those of you unfamiliar, Mr. Green was also producer on “Childhood” (check it live at, the song features Matisyahu, C-Rayz Walz, and Kosha Dillz. So, he is high up on the Shemspeed Family Tree.


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