My Chanukah Mix 5769

nice partyRabbi Yonah of Jewlicious Festival chimes in….”From England to Israel, and Warsaw to Long Beach, we make Chanukah parties. It’s kinda one of those things that me and Rachel just love to do. This year’s Chanukah House Party is sponsored by Beach Hillel. It’s one of our favorite things to do, the Chanukah House Party. And the Chanukah party is incomplete without a good, specially crafted mix. I mean you cannot just put on some whatever music in order to set the spirit right. Each year, a new mix.å

Now that my kids have grown, I have the pleasure of working on the mix with Moshe, and he even sets up the speakers for me. Moshe and kids really had fun with the Klezmatics, Joshua Nelson, and Craig Taubman on the LIGHTS CD, from the PBS special of the same name, so we put some of that in. The LeeVee’s Hanukkah Rocks, not only the subject of my extensive treatise entitled Hanukkah Rocks Midrash, is there in its entirety. Diwon is on board this year with a set of mixes, including his remix of Y-Love and Erran Baron Cohen’s Hanukkah oh Hanukkah. We put there his Beat Guide to Yiddish too. There is some random song I put in to make the guests wonder. Rounding out this mix is Avrohom Rosenberg’s Yevanim IV from Hooked on Chanukah. Its a kids fav, and adults dig it too.

A whole batch of latkes is coming off the assembly line, so I better cut this short. Please remember that Y-love and Diwon will be rocking Jewlicious Festival again this year, and advance tickets are on sale at Brown Paper Tickets. And speaking of the music that rocks Jewlicious, MATISYAHU‘s Festival of Light tour is taking place as we speak in NYC. Peace, Love, Potatoe Pancakes. Chanukah Sameach. Spread the light.”


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