NBA2K11 with Michael Jordan feat. Drake, Kosha Dillz & Snoop Dogg

We are all really excited about NBAK11. The first edition was the #1 selling NBA videogame two years in a row. On the follow up to NBAK10, 2K sports enlisted none other than the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. This game even features a ‘Creating a Legend’ mode offering gamers the chance to be a rookie Michael and craft a new career for him. If you want to play the game as Drake, Snoop Dogg or Kosha Dillz, that is also an option. Shemspeed doesn’t stop, even for a minute, and now with the help of Michael Jordan, you don’t have to either.

Check out this brief interview with Kosha Dillz on his part in the game.

Q. How do you feel about being included in a Michael Jordan game?
A. Hasn’t sunk in yet. NBA2K11 called me and said I have a character in the game.

Q. What are you doing right now?
A. This interview. Getting ready to hit road for tour with MC Pig Pen and Pat Maine and doing a show with Trevor Hall in Burlington VT on Sunday. Oh and I’ll be fasting for Yom Kippur, of course.

Q. You grew up loving MJ and now it’s you with the likes of Drake and Snoop Dogg! Is this the biggest thing that has ever happened to you?
A. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s surreal for now, but looks like it is based on the contracts and all. I’ll believe it once I play as “Kosha Dillz” in the game.

Q. What does it mean to be in the game?
A. It means I had photos taken of me over and over and they made me into a character in the game. You can select “Kosha Dillz” in the black top version.

Q. Could we actually play you?
A. Yea. Only within the video game. If you want to play me 1 on 1 in real life, that’s a chance you’ll have to take at your own risk.

Q. Are you rapping?
A. Nope.
Q. Are you wearing a Yarmulke?
No, but I do a lot now, the pics were taken in the beginning of the summer.

Q. How do you see your role in hip hop and mainstream as well as underground?
A. Well, we speak about ceilings. I have a capability to become very big in mainstream while keeping my integrity and Jewish identity in the underground on the way up. Nothing was ever handed to me. I worked for everything in the music business. I also found much support from the Jewish community since attending Yeshivas and Israel trips, and playing with Matisyahu. I really hope that this a big step in respect and excitement for all the young Jewish kids who will buy this game and play my character along with Snoop Dogg for hours upon end.

Q. Who IS kosha dillz?
A. A hard working son of Israeli parents who just wants to stay clean off drugs and help some people out along the way with the music he makes, no matter what color, creed they are.

Q. What’s next?
A. You know I’m working on a new album with a producer name Shuko. We have a new music video from Beverly Dillz coming in October. CMJ is in October. SXSW 2011 has already invited me. Collaborated with Rza from Wu Tang already and hopefully will be reaching out to some real big people, and big representation. Platinum recording artists have been reaching out to me as well. I am working on memoirs from my incarceration with the new LP and hoping to be doing a lot of inspirational speaking/improv sessions at schools after the game is released.
This new album will hopefully touch major labels.

Q. Who are your favorite basketball players?
A. David Robinson was always been a favorite of mine. The admiral. I enjoyed the Spurs before they were big. I was actually asked whose attributes I wanted to have in my character. I selected a combination of the only two Jews in the NBA. I think we are proving that even using the Jewish players will make us proud. We are small in #s and strong in might.


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