Need a Hannuikah anthem? Here are 5 music videos from Your Old Droog and the Maccabeats to James Corden to Kosha Dillz


Not every day that someone comes along to the world of Israel with a rap video that can combat the world of shidduch dating with dope music. Klezmer sounds from KoooL Kojak will get you hyped and the song seems to be making  waves on the internet.. As Kosha Dillz says “Not everyone knows what its like to be a Jewish rapper, but everyone knows what it is like to be Schmoozin’!”

Kokak has produced for Nicki Minaj , Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Matisyahu, so you know this is a crazy hook up. Plus there are the Nachman soldiers jumping up and down and a stage diving rabbi at a completely Kosher event.  Move over Adam Sandler…we have your new Hannukah song!


Your Old Droog as has some out of the Hebrew Closet. Once thought to be NAS, he is know frequenting 770 Eastern Parkway and who knows what else can happen. He even Hatzalah in his video, so this is an ultra look for the world’s most legendary EMS system.  Matisyahu spits a fire verse and well…that guy cut a mean fish.  Go see him and Matisyahu live in NYC on Dec 29th for the Festival of Lights.


At this point if you are in a world of OMG on Hannukah, thank g-d for the Maccabeats making family friendly songs that our kids can listen to. Wait….also for our grand parents. Wait also for the Old Town Road fans that are trying to get one last parody in for the 2019. Mazel Tov on this one guys. Go see them live, as it is as kosher as it gets with a good time. Besides that, this is actually their holiday. The Maccabeats. The Maccabees. Get it?

How can you not add the most seen video of all time since Boyz II Men broke up? Well move over…we have a white jewish version and they are thrilled to be here. Stand out moments include LA comedian Leah Lamarr being the Hannukah girl and  receiving her own blessing by millions of Instagram followers at one time.  The music video is the most shared video of all time by Jewish Mothers and it will probably be a classic for years to come. I don’t know why Bagels and Lox were in there…but I still support it being there with or without latkes.



Nothing gets better than a star wars Chanukah. I mean what is better than that? Save the best for the last. I don’t care how good anyone raps or sings. Nothing is better than Star Wars!!





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