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Matisyahu, ‘One Day’ — Song Premiere

Matisyahu just keeps getting better and better at his craft. The pop/reggae/dub/spacerock MC sings this stadium rocker melodically sings with his signature chants over a hard trash can sounding snare on “One Day,” the first single of his third studio album, ‘Light,’ which will be released on August 25th (which is the first day of the NYC Shemspeed Punk Metal Fest!).

“‘One Day’ is the song I’ve been wanting to make since I started my career,” Matisyahu says. “It is an anthem of hope with a big beat — the kind of song that makes you bob your head and open your heart at the same time.”

Listen to ‘One Day’ below, (thanks to Spinner).

Listen to ‘One Day’


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