New single: Chad Gadya (Free Download)

Darshan have dug up some traditional sources and remixed them in a modern retelling of the story found at the end of the Passover Haggadah….

“I new this one kid, from back in the day….”

Listen and download today:

more info: The title of Darshan’s first EP — Lishmah (click to purchase) — comes from a profound Judaic concept. Commonly understood as meaning “for it’s own sake”, the term lishmah is usually applied to the proper state of mind for Torah study. Not for fame, money, or power — but merely for the simple joy of doing. It is in this spirit that Darshan’s first album was created lishmah, purely for the simple of joy and fulfillment of Being what we are Doing.

Shir Yaakov is a Master of Melody who has given birth to hauntingly beautiful liturgical chants, used in havurot and synagogues around the world. Eprhyme is a Radical Jewish Rennaissance Rapper. Together they create something all together new, and at the same time ancient. Deep and probing rhymes blend with evocative and uplifting melodies in “an uncompromising blend of urban forms and neo-Hasidic spirituality.” —The Forward.
ChashmalForthcoming Album: Chashmal

We’re also excited to let you know about our forthcoming album, Chashmal. It includes songs you’ve been asking for recordings of: To Zion, I’m Here, Ghetto Nightingale and more.

Lyrics Below (Lyrics to Go):
(Eden “Eprhyme” Pearlstein and Shir Yaakov)

yo i knew this one kid from back in the day
he stayed around the way — never came out to play
baby face, buried in a book all day
he made me promise that i wouldn’t say his secret was to pray
everything was great, until he went on a date
with an infamous feline — fatal mistake
he fell for the bait, wound up face down on her plate
but she won’t escape her fate — my dog Jake
came into the picture, not a moment too late
with a chip on his shoulder, broken heart full of hate
he had nothing to offer, all he ever did was take
she told him to wait, and then he smacked her face
but don’t worry, the dog don’t get away untouched
’cause the story took wings and made peoples blood rush
he caught a beat-down by the arm of the law
a baton to his jaw was the last thing he saw
a neighbor with a cellphone recorded the brawl
and all the people rioted and burned down the mall

before he stepped off the chair, at the end of his rope
that first kid left a quote in a suicide note
it said “do the right thing. be yourself. don’t ever give up hope.”
this water flows from the words that he wrote
the silence that followed was filled with such sorrow
as we all wondered why we trade today for tomorrow
but there’s something beautiful in that moment of reflection
face to face — in the place — infinite introspection
the serenity was shattered by the scream of the sacrifice
pain is the price that we pay for the afterlife
suddenly I grabbed the knife and sang a song I’d never heard
it wasn’t in my language, but i understood every word

ואתא הקדוש ברוך הוא, ושחט למלאך המוות
דשחט לשוחט, דשחט לתורא, דשתה למיא
דכבא לנורא, דשרף לחוטרא, דהיכה לכלבא
דנשך לשונרא, דאכלא לגדיא

והשבת אל לבבך
כי ײ הוא האלקים


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