Night Now with Kerria

Ironically based on the “rock” of Gibraltar, Israeli-born Kerria, is leading the charge of pop music which delivers not only insanely catchy melodies but also cutting-edge song-writing, blistering production and stunning visuals. With over one million views of her videos so far on YouTube, Kerria is poised to become one of the rising stars of Europe’s pop-dance scene, with Night Now being your rallying call to hit the dancefloors!

Kerria is at the cutting-edge of dance music with a firmer musical grounding than most as a vocalist, having moved from her native Israel to study music at academies in both Chicago and New York before completing her degree in Creative Musicianship in London. Now based in the perhaps unlikely location of Gibraltar, Kerria worked with collaborators including Grammy Award-winning composer Walter Afanasieff (best known for his work with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion), honing her pop skills to perfection. Now working with song-writing doyen, Aleena Gibson and producer Fabrizio Sotti (Jennifer Lopez; Q-Tip), Kerria most irresistible track yet, Night Now has, ironically, seen the light of day.


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