NSR “Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly” Live from last nights Hip Hop Fest

Last nights Shemspeed Hip Hop Fest felt more like a punk show with everyone going crazy, break dancing, bum rushin the stage and wylin’ out. Highlights of the night included; 1. Genesis Be & Auzriel invite a their dance crew join them on stage taking meaningful and positive hip hop to mass appeal. 2. Y-Love invites Tj Di Hitmaker to join him and Diwon on stage to perform a remix of their “The Takeover” hit. 3. Ben Nathan & J. Stone battle tap dance vs. beat box. 4. Kosha freestyles all the objects in the room. 5. NSR rhymes about Jews obsession with bagels. 6. DeScribe premieres his new anthem to close out the show.

Check out “Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly” to the left and of course some other videos from our Hip Hop Fest at youtube.com/shemspeed


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