Preview new & unreleased songs in the Shemspeed Audio Player

We are now gearing up for the release of “Move On”, the much anticipated single by Y-Love off his forthcoming, “This is Unity” album produced by Diwon. “Move On” will be released globally on August 3rd, but as always, you could check it out on the Shemspeed Audio Player now! We have also posted a couple tracks by Darkcho a traditional underground Jewish low-fidelity record unlike any other, it sounds as if Tarantino got spiritual and dug into the traditions of chasidic niggunim. The record will be release this September. The player is also packed with not yet released tracks by some of your favorite Shemspeed artists, including Electro Morocco, Brody, DeScribe, Tj Di Hitmaker to name a few.

Some tracks to look out for:
“All I Do Is Win (feat. Y-Love & Black Skeptik)” by DJ Khaled
“Move On (feat. DeScribe)” by Y-Love
“Ki Hinei” by Darkcho
“Beat Goes On (feat. Tj di Hitmaker)” by Y-Love
“My Keffiyeh” by DeScribe & Remedy
“Down” by Electro Morocco
“Shma Kolienu” by Brody
“One Day (Electro Morocco Remix)” by Matisyahu
“Bring it on Down (Talib Kwali Remix) by Y-Love & Diwon LIVE
“Raje” by DeScribe & Dennis
“Modern Day Moses (Electro Morocco Remix)” by DeScribe Feat. Shmoolik
“Boom Selecta” by Electro Morocco & Shemspeed MCs


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