Rocky Ziegler single

Download Rocky’ Ziegler’s “Bli Etzev” (Without Sadness) from his full length, “Raza Deshabbat”, which will be released in teh next few months. In the meant time he will be backing up our friend Matisyahu on tour this summer.

The single was written by Ziegler and arranged by Aharon Razael who sings in many of the songs on the album. The two started working together after Aharon Razael discovered that his morning chavrusa had written numerous shabbos songs. Yerachmiel Ziegler, known to his friends as “Rocky”, played his songs from “zemirot shabbat” for Aharon which led them to embark on the creation of a new album together. Using Rocky’s music, Razael arranged and added embellishments of his own, towards a unique album featuring their duets together.


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