Sagol 59’s Latest album (Free Download)

Jerusalem hip-hop kingpin, Sagol59 is here to offer a brand new remix album straight outta Israel for FREE. The record is filled with remixes of tracks from the last 10 years of his career and features remixes by Israeli heavy hitters and a few American dj’s including Shimmy Sonic of Soulico, DJ Spooky, Ori Shochat and more. Sagol hit us directly and wanted to give this record away for free, so here it is; download it, sit back and enjoy the beats and rhymes.

Download the album HERE

1. Earth, Wind & Cash – Michael Cohen Remix
2. Love Song – Ori Shochat Remix
3. Leeches – DJ Spooky Remix
4. Ping Pong ft. Dan Toren – Amir Estlein Remix
5. What Do I Have to Do
6. Till the Fat Lady Dances – Shimmy Sonic Remix
7. Current Affairs – Mankush Remix
8. Hard Cleaning – Digital_Me Remix
9. Rak Hasagol – Remix
10. Move Forward ft. Roy Uadry – Amir Estlein Remix
11. If i Had no Mic ft. Vulkan (Prod. DJ Dao) – unreleased
12. Lost Tape Freestyle Ft. Rebel Sun (Prod. Markey Funk) – unreleased


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