Sephardic Music Festival Summer Teaser Show!

This August 19th in NYC, come get a taste of the Sephardic Music Festival with this summer teaser featuring the international Sephardic Ladino songstress, Sarah Aroeste, Asefa and Diwon’s New Game album release party bringing us into the night with party vibes. 

The Sephardic Music Festival each winter presents the most exciting current acts in Sephardic music, bringing together musicians from North America and abroad. This summer teaser is no exception. Bringing an eclectic mix of Sephardic-infused music, Aroeste, Asefa and Diwon all bring their unique styles to Drom to present an evening of contemporary Sephardic sounds sure to entice your ears and get you up on your feet. 

8PM | $15adv/$18door



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