Shmoolik Exclusive!

When we were in Israel a month ago and Diwon threw down a couple sets with Sagol 59 and Shmoolik, we asked Shmoo to do an exclusive for Shemspeed. Below is the result. Think Chabad-French-Rappin-Israeli-Into-Nas-And-Nike’s. He is also one of the sickest graphic designers alive. Check out his work on the past Sephardic Music Festival fliers and the Y-Love “This is Babylon” album!…

Click Numer 1 in the Shemspeed Player below to have a listen!

(note: song number 1. in the Shemspeed player will always be updated to match the latest post. thus songs from old posts continually get pushed back and so you might have to skip through…)


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