Spike Jonze or N.A.S.A.?

If you are wondering why the guy flying over to you looks a bit like our favorite director of all time, Spike Jonze…well, it’s because Spike’s real name is Adam Speigel and this dude flying over’s real name is Sam Speigel who is one part of the N.A.S.A. production duo. Yup, they are brothers. Which actually explains a lot. How else would a debut album from an unknown producer boast appearances from the likes of David Byrne, M.I.A. and Kanye West, if not for having a brother that has them all on speed dial.
* check the video for their song Gifted with Kanye here.
p.s. Spike is about to release his film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”. The film is written by Jonze and “A Heartbreaking Work…” author, Dave Eggers.


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