Tasting Party reviewed

Just got back from the Kosher in the Kitch tasting party in Crown Heights, which when I heard it was a big mixed party, I was expecting some Rabbi to run in and break it up like it was a bar fight, but far from it. It was classy and full of fun good lookin religious folk and it all just felt natural. No breaking up of anything. The 6 contestants had their deserts presented nicely throughout the table along with Nina Safar’s own concoctions which sat in between each of the deserts. The idea was to bring the site to life where its fans could actually try the recipes that they have been following on the site. The judges for the night included, Leah Koenig, Writer and Editor of
“The Jew and The Carrot”, Sandy Stollar, personal chef and creator of
“The Kosher Tomato”, Yos Schwartz, Executive Chef of 
“The Fresh Diet” and Jesse Blonder, Director of 
“The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts”. For those that missed it, don’t worry the photos our at the Shemspeed Flickr (here) and the recipes from last night are up at kosherinthekitch.com now.


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