The Freaktion EP and some Q & A

Middle Eastern born, producer of many trades – SABBO – is responsible for the next release from the award winning Generation Bass camp. He has worked with Mad Decent, Soulico, dancehall stars like Turbulence and Lisa Dainjah and has also been producing many charted productions in various genres in his own country. The FREAKTION EP draws heavily on the Chicago Foot Work sound, giving it an extra boost in top notch production and bass but also sees Sabbo leaning more towards a UK angle in the Juke/FootWork history. He blends the genre into a mix of hyperactive dancefloor filler and bass heavy globalism. From Chi-town via the unlikely detour of Tel Aviv, Israel and relying on classic sampling techniques and the trusted 808 boom, this EP is a Foot Work classic in the making.

Now for some background:

Shemspeed: Who are the vocalists on the record?
Sabbo: Well, all vocalist are snippets and samples from varios acapellas, usually chopped and placed in a very different way than the original.
Shemspeed: What inspired you to make an EP that sounds so different than what you have released until now?
Sabbo: I started doing Footwork influenced stuff after Wido (from Soulico) played me some of this stuff. I was already familiar with Juke but never got to know about this “Juke step brother”.
What I liked about it is the sense of free form frenzy. Since I also have a lot of UK bass influnces in the music I play and in my own music, I felt it’s natural to kinda combine them together.
Shemspeed: See you in Vegas!
Sabbo: Looking forward!

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