The “Make It” Video

Shemspeed got down in Crown Heights to shoot “Make It”, the next music video for DeScribe & Y-Love, with a slew of Dancers and Graff Writers and, well, the rest are surprises! The video is going to be amazing. It was Directed by Lenny Bass (director of Timbaland, De La, Fantasia….) the same amazing artist who shot the “Change” music video. The video along with the full “Change EP” which will include all 4 singles plus a bonus Remix of “Change” by Diwon, will be released May 12th (Lag BaOmer).

(pick up the first two singles; “CHANGE” & “MAKE IT” off “THE CHANGE EP” on iTunes now!)

p.s. see more photos on our flickr, keep in mind these are just the ‘standing around the day of shoot’ photos. we saved the good ones for May 12th 😉


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